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  • $149, only billed if approved

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The process was pretty quick (~30 minutes) and smooth and easy to follow. I was very satisfied!


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The practioner was absolutely amazing… Definitely a positive experience.


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Total experience so far has been super, and was really pleased with the practitioner.


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MJ cards issued to date!

FAQs for medical MJ cards in Pennsylvania

How much does it cost?

It costs $149 see the Practitioner online. And there is a one-time $50 charge from state of Pennsylvania to receive your official medical card. We accept all major credit cards.

Any unique steps for Pennsylvania?

Before meeting with a practitioner, you will need to register with the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) website. Upon registering you will receive a patient ID number, which we will collect during registration.

This information will need to appear on your certification in order for it to be processed correctly. You can register with the Department of Health here.

How long does it take?

A typical consultation takes between 15 – 30 minutes.

Please be prepared to have your consult in a private, well-lit space, away from distraction. Your doctor will also want to discuss any medications you may be on and your prior medical history.

What do I do if I'm approved?

If approved, your doctor will certify you in the DOH system. You will receive an email confirmation from the DOH, with instructions on how to pay for your medical MJ ID card. Please allow 7 – 14 days to receive your printed card in the mail.

You can purchase medical MJ before receiving your card in the mail. After you register your HelloMD certification, your application needs to be approved by the state. Once approved, you will receive a temporary card number which can be used to purchase medical MJ.

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